Rachel Dunn Thinking Into Results

Productivity Increased Dramatically 

Working with Karen Brook and the Thinking into Results program has shifted many things in our life. My partner and I now use the material daily to shift new paradigms all the time. It has also helped us to communicate with our clients on a much deeper level.

What I have noticed most of all, is that before we worked with this material our goal was to increase our income and while that has happened,  what was truly an amazing surprise was that our productivity also rose to new levels. I am creating so much more content, marketing and programs than I ever thought was possible. It feels easy and is no longer an effort.

Rachel Dunn / Girl Director

A Program For Life!

This program is a toolbox filled with all the fundamental tools for life. We didn’t realise how much this program would change our lives when we decided to join it and allow Karen to mentor us through it. Karen is a leading expert in her field and her knowledge, energy and commitment to our success IS second to none. We’ve learned AND ARE STILL LEARNING EVERY DAY invaluable information and life skills that manifest immediately into every area of our lives.

We are now well on our way to having multiple sources of income, our relationship with ourselves, with each other and with everyone around us has benefited greatly from it. We are able to respond rather than react to whatever the circumstances ARE and stay in control of our mind. And the greatest gift of all – we are now realising our true potential – a gift that every person should have.

We are so grateful for meeting Karen and can’t recommend her teachings enough as it is our belief that every person should learn this.

Rachel & Eyal Ron, Directors, Poonkt

Rachel and Eyal Ron Thinking Into Results
Calinda King Maxine Clifford Thinking Into Results

Business Growth Exceeding Our Expectations

With the leadership and support of Karen Brook throughout the Thinking Into Results program, our business has grown in ways we never imagined. The flow of creativity and the ease of which we now operate as a team astounds us every day. We are living our dream and there are truly no limits to what we can achieve in the future!

Calinda King and Maxine Clifford, Directors, Lazy V

New Business Success at 65

I had followed Karen Brook on social media for a period of time, as I was looking for a new direction in my life and had ideas and goals that I wanted to achieve. I drove two hours to attend one of her seminars and the presentation was so motivating, enthusiastic and impressive that I met with her in Brisbane the following day and invested in “The Most Valuable Asset That We Have”, myself, by enrolling in Thinking Into Results.

The program has assisted me to establish a new business “EzyAnchor.Com” at the age of 65. Ezy Anchor is a product that I have designed for the Caravan and Camping industry that requires technical design, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, marketing, sales, shipping and logistics and to date has required a large amount of my retirement savings to get established. This is a true “C” Type Goal and has been an amazing challenge to establish a business plan, source the various manufacturers, undertake the marketing strategies and put them in place, as well as organise shipping and delivery logistics amongst other things.

Thanks to Thinking Into Results, Karen Brook and Bob Proctor’s teachings, I have remained on track, on budget and on time despite having personal concerns about capital and self doubts along the way which I have addressed by revisiting Thinking Into Results as I progressed through the process. This has enabled me to stay true, confident and focused on successful achievement of my Goal to have Ezy Anchor an Australian Made, Owned and recognised business success. I highly recommend Thinking Into Results to anyone who wishes to excel and grow in their life and business.

Peter Taylor, Ezyanchor.com

Peter Taylor Thinking Into Results
Paul Apel Thinking Into Results

Finally The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

I have always been involved in personal development, attending courses and self-improvement classes that have spanned the last 20 + years and thousands of dollars. I found it difficult to implement all that I had learnt because there was a missing piece to the puzzle and not one of them practised what they preached. Contacting Karen was the best decision I ever made.

She said ‘Paul if you do this program with me it will change your life’. I am 7 weeks into the 24 week program and as I write this my life has changed so dramatically it is almost inconceivable. I am very much on track to what I think is just the most exciting and exhilarating time to be alive after being at such a great low and looking for answers. I am actually thinking and creating the future that I always wanted. It has been tough and it is not always an easy road but it has been worth it. I look forward to everything my future holds!

Paul Apel, Apel Consultants

From Employee to Entrepreneur and Start Up Success

Since being introduced to ‘Thinking Into Results’ my life has taken on a whole new trajectory that I could have never imagined or thought possible . In less than 12 months I have resigned from my job, started my own business which I absolutely love and changed the way in which my mind operates on a daily basis to achieve the lifestyle and goals I desire. There is no way I could be doing this without Karen and TIR – thank you once again!

Rachel Hawkins, Director, My Eyre Peninsula

Rachel Hawkins Thinking Into Results
Christine Dempsey Thinking Into Results

Whole of Life Upgrade

Working with Karen and Thinking Into Results has completely changed my life. I have seen my business grow from a small, home-based operation to a successful company that employs a number of staff, supports clients Australia-wide and has seen a ten-fold increase in revenue in the last six months.

Despite this and having a young family, I am more relaxed, productive and happy than I ever have been. I could never have imagined when I first started the program the incredible changes I would experience in such a short amount of time.

Christine Dempsey, Director, Amergin Consulting