Helping individuals and teams be the best at what they do!

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Karen Brook is an entrepreneurial expert, a results mentor and someone who is passionately focused on converting thinking into results. For the past decade Karen has worked closely with individuals and teams helping them to be the best at what they do and multiply their influence, impact and income in life, business and careers through teaching internationally acclaimed Bob Proctor’s proven methodologies.

Having grown up in Western Queensland, developed businesses in Australia and around world and having studied human performance and systems in London and North America, Karen brings regional and global perspective to her work, underpinned by a strong sense of purpose that “ideas and the energy of those who inspire them have the power to change local and global landscapes”. Through her purpose, Karen is motivated in leading a global movement of people consciously creating a better world by awakening to who they really are and what they are truly capable of doing and then helping them to achieve their potential.

Karen has worked with start-ups, entrepreneurs, mum-preneuers, family groups, professionals, government departments and large corporate companies and has a unique ability to bring together multiple stakeholders for adaptive and transformative discussions that help everyone progress their desired results.

Raised in the small town of Birdsville, in the heart of Outback Australia, Karen knows what it takes to succeed. She is based in Brisbane and works with clients across Australia and internationally. She has a background in Branding and Advertising, Organisational Analysis (exploring the unconscious in systems and roles) and PRISM Brain Mapping (the neuroscience of human performance). She is also a graduate of Social Leadership Australia’s Queensland Leadership program. Karen is a keen aviator, a published author and international speaker engaged by the likes of Shell at the Qatar International Business Women’s Forum and the Proctor Gallagher’s recent The Paradigm Shift Forum in Los Angeles.

Karen has been working with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and the Proctor Gallagher Institute for three years and is currently Proctor Gallagher’s highest performing facilitator of Thinking Into Results globally.