"If you are at a point in life where you want to create tremendous improvements in all areas of life...listen to Karen Brook and do what she suggests. She is one of the most effective coaches that I have ever worked with." 

- Bob Proctor, Chairman, Proctor Gallagher Institute 


Where could you be in 24 weeks from now?

The answers will amaze you and the results will astonish you. Make a choice right now to put your goals and dreams first. 

What do you really want?

We work closely with you to bring out your hidden talent, genius and gifts so that your big worthy goals become a true reality. This process involves an intensive 24-week Paradigm Shift process that gets better results that stick. We literally take you by the hand, step-by-step and show you what to do and how to do it, so you actually see and feel the new results showing up in your life!

How results are created and how to get better results

The truth is, most people do not know the cause of their results and the cause of their results is the Paradigm. We’ve all had those experiences where we go and learn something new only to find ourselves weeks down the track defaulting to our old habits and behaviours. The problem is, most training is based around getting people to know more, but knowing more does not equal better results. We need to close the gap between what we know and what we do. But how do we do that? We need to create a paradigm shift.

"Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know, it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave" - John Ruskin

One of the reasons why ths coaching program is so extraordinarily effective is because it’s an organised process to facilitate change and a Quantum Leap in peak performance. It creates a quick and permanent paradigm shift for individuals and teams because it targets the subconscious mind – where our habits, our beliefs, our self-image and ultimately our results are created.

12 Lessons

12 highly motivating lessons for leaders and their teams and a detailed participant guide with thought provoking worksheets that drive results.

24 Weeks

Harnessing the power of repetition, a dedicated and interactive curriculum that is proven to work for individuals and teams.


Access to a highly skilled and trained certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant to guide and faciliate the learning process.


 How far are you willing to go for your growth and goals?

Regardless of what we are doing, we can always do it better. Better is a good word. It takes no more energy to produce extremely effective results as it does to produce mediocre results. Thinking Into Results is designed to help you improve whatever it is you are doing and achieve any goal you truly desire.

 This process is designed to organise your thoughts, feelings and actions in line with the results you desire to have. Through the power of repetition it quickly and permanently closes the gap between where you are and where you really want to be. You will get more done, in less time, with less effort than ever before. 

Company Directors

who are looking to reinvigorate the purpose and passion within themselves and their team and set big new goals that will inspire and motivate everyone. They want to improve the overall business productivity, performance and profit - without working any harder.

Small Business Owners 

who have a desire to streamline their systems and processes, gain clarity and focus around the next growth phase in their business. They seek to work more calmly and effectively on a day to day basis with balance and order in all areas of their life.

Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

who are looking for time and space to incubate their ideas and mastermind in a high energy, co-creative and supportive environment. They have a desire to create multiple sources of income and raise their income to meet their lifestyle goals. 

Sales Professionals

who have a strong desire to be the best in their field and serve their prospects and clients to the highest order. They want to multiply their income and make a Quantum Leap in their performance that puts them far beyond the next logical step. They have big goals. 


About Karen Brook

For more than a decade now, Karen Brook has been working with high performing individuals and teams who want to be more, do more, have more, create more and give more than they ever have before.  

These individuals have a sincere desire to improve what they do and grow daily in new dimensions. They are the decision makers and action takers of the world and they push the boundaries of what is possible for their business and their life and turn their fantasy goals into a new daily reality and in doing so are changing their lives, their families lives and the lives of everyone they come in contact with.  

Karen Brook teaches Bob Proctor’s proven methodology to spark dramatic change in your performance and your results. These teachings are based on more than 57 years of real-world experience and tremendous success.  

"Karen lives and breathes this material. You are definitely in safe hands when you work with her." - Hina Khan, Psychotherapist, and Television Personality

She is based in Brisbane and works with clients all over Australia and the world. She has a background in Branding and Advertising, Organisational Analysis (exploring the unconscious in systems and roles), PRISM Brain Mapping (the neuroscience of human performance) and she also has a passion for aviation and has a private pilot's license


Whole of Life Upgrade

"Working with Karen and Thinking Into Results has completely changed my life. I have seen my business grow from a small, home-based operation to a successful company that employs a number of staff, supports clients Australia-wide and has seen a ten-fold increase in revenue in the last six months. Despite this and having a young family, I am more relaxed, productive and happy than I ever have been. I could never have imagined when I first started the program the incredible changes I would experience in such a short amount of time."

CHRISTINE DEMPSEY Director, Amergin Consulting 

What Do You Really Want?

If you want to break away from the pack...but don't know how. If you know how to get more sales and much better results...but you or your team is stuck. If your business has a specific goal that it hasn't been able to achieve then the time is now! Submit your details below and book a discovey session to learn more today.