"Master Your Mind"


Saturday 3rd February 2018 | 8.30am - 4.30pm | The Marriott Hotel 

I don’t claim to know exactly what your dream life looks like. But I do know one thing about it: Freedom is likely at the heart of it. You want to be able to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want - isn’t that right?

Imagine Life With No Restrictions. Waking up every day enthused about how you’re going to spend your day. Enjoying thriving relationships with people who are upbeat, enthusiastic and creatively productive. And never, ever, ever having to worry about money. You are living a life that is on purpose, creating huge impact and influence where ever you go.  

You will discover:  

  •  The part of your mind that controls your income, lifestyle and results and how to dramatically improve it;
  •  How to drive your Productivity, Performance and Profit;
  •  How to unlock more of the unlimited potential you were born with;
  •  The power of multiple sources of income to increase your income; and
  • How to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.


My events are designed to get you THINKING about what else is possible for you.  

I guide you through an exercise of stretching your imagination for what else is possible for you, your business, your career and your life. You will leave the ordinary behind and start thinking in a new a different way about what you are really capable of and then I will show you the exact step-by-step formula to make those dreams a reality - the one that I use everyday!  

Regardless of what you have previously accomplished, understand this:  


About Your Presenter


Karen Brook is an entrepreneurial expert, a results mentor and someone who is truly focused on converting thinking into results. For the past decade she has worked with individuals and teams, helping them achieve the results they want.  

As one of Bob Proctor's top global consultants Karen is the Australian leader of "Thinking Into Results" and she loves nothing more than to see individuals and teams do things they didn’t think were possible.  

“I help people set and achieve big, beautiful and bold goals. My clients go beyond what they thought was possible for their business and their life. The people I work with take control of their life and make their dreams a reality”.


Is This For You?

For more than a decade now, I have been working with high performing individuals and teams who want to be more, do more, have more, create more and give more than they ever have before.  

These individuals have a sincere desire to improve what they do and grow daily in new dimensions. They are the decision makers and action takers of the world and they know and understand that to get better results they have to keep developing themselves and are willing and able to do so.  

I work with some of the most courageous, talented, kind, driven and self-motivated people you will ever meet, many of whom will be in the room on the night. They push the boundaries of what is possible for their business and their life and turn their fantasy goals into a new daily reality and in doing so are changing their lives, their families lives and the lives of everyone they come in contact with.  

If you've been wondering 'what next?' or 'is this as good as it gets?' and resonate with anything I have mentioned above, you are going to love my attending an event with me. 

"If you are at a point in life where you want to create tremendous improvements in all areas of life...listen to Karen Brook and do what she suggests. She is one of the most effective coaches that I have ever worked with."  

- Bob Proctor, Chairman, Proctor Gallagher Institute